Commercial & Industrial Ventilation

If you're looking for a ventilation system, our licenced designs and installations conform to the Australian Standards 1668.1 /1668.2 and Gold Coast City Council regulations.

Removing heat and smoke from industrial and commercial applications can be an essential requirement.

Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Fans

For all breakdowns and repairs or a new fan design for your application.

We have experience with all types of ventilation equipment.

Exhaust fans, exhaust hoods and speciality exhaust systems.

Supply air - make up air - fresh air fan systems.

Ventilation Applications

Commercial Kitchens Exhaust Air Systems

Toilet and Bathroom Exhaust Systems

Fresh Air Supply to Air Conditioning Systems

Car Park Exhaust Ventilation Systems

Rooftop Extraction Fans

Fume Cupboards

Evaporative Coolers

Spray Booths and Sanding Bays with Filtration

A complete range of Weather Louvers and Grills.

Industrial Air Extraction

High Velocity Applications

Repairs and Service Ventilation

Unique Ventilation Project

A Motorcycle Dyno Ventilation System was designed and constructed to create a safe working environment free of CO² emissions for a motorcycle technician occupying a testing room.

Designed to have minimal noise levels it operates with an explosion proof fan for exhaust air out and a fresh air supply to the testing room. An electrical control circuit incorporating an emergency stop feature is used for bike testing. Check it out! Motorcycle dyno ventilation...