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Industrial ventilation fan

Restaurant kitchen exhaust, fast response emergency repairs. New commercial kitchen ventilation and exhaust systems. We specialise in emergency repairs, full break down service, supply and installation of new warehouse ventilation fans, exhaust and extraction fans and ventilation systems for small and large scale applications.

Removing heat and smoke from industrial and commercial applications is an essential requirement. From design to the commissioning process and quality maintenance we have the solution for all your needs.

Our licenced designs and installations conform to Australian Standards 1668.1 /1668.2 and Gold Coast City Council regulations.

Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Fan

Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Fan Repairs

When there is a breakdown, emergency repairs with the least amount of downtime to your business is our goal.

We are available 24/7 and have a reputation for a fast efficient response.

Servicing and maintenance can be provided on a regular basis to ensure trouble free operation helping to prevent costly break downs.

Car Park Exhaust

The future is Jetvent Fans Intelligent Ventilation.

These on demand energy efficient systems are designed to clear harmful pollutants from enclosed and semi enclosed car parks.

We design and install to your requirements.

Motorcycle dyno ventilation.
Unique Ventilation Project

A Motorcycle Dyno Ventilation System was designed and constructed to create a safe working environment free of CO² emissions for a motorcycle technician occupying a testing room.

Designed to have minimal noise levels it operates with an explosion proof fan for exhaust air out and a fresh air supply to the testing room. An electrical control circuit incorporating an emergency stop feature is used for bike testing. Check it out! Motorcycle dyno ventilation...

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