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Searching for ways to take your kitchen’s exhaust system to the next level? Let Wired Air enhance the functionality, safety, and cleanliness of your kitchen through quality-made commercial kitchen exhaust hoods.

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Why choose us for Commercial Exhaust Hood Installations?

Your commercial kitchen can become a hazardous environment because of grease collection and air quality issues, ultimately leading to a series of health and safety concerns. To prevent this, you should invest in a commercial kitchen exhaust system. However, when installing a commercial kitchen exhaust hood, you must rely on a reliable service provider to get superior results. This is where Wired Air can help!

Our quality of service sets us apart from the rest of the competition. Here are a few reasons that will help you know why you should choose us for commercial kitchen exhaust hoods or exhaust fan install:


Whether you are running a small cafe or a large restaurant, we will provide you with a kitchen exhaust hood that perfectly fits your needs. We can provide our customers with customised services through our years of experience in exhaust design and installation. In addition, we are also well-versed in exhaust fan install services.


We give high priority to the quality of materials for designing and installing exhaust hoods for commercial kitchens to maintain safety and functionality.


At Wired Air, we understand that no two kitchens are the same, which is why we aim to provide customised exhaust hood solutions and exhaust fan install that perfectly fit your and your kitchen’s needs.


We are well-versed and updated with the industry standards and regulations so that you don’t have to worry if your system is in line with the necessary codes and regulations. So if you are searching for a service provider that provides excellent design, installation and maintenance services, Wired Air is the perfect answer!

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Before you choose a type of hood, make sure you know the size of your kitchen, the type of cooking you do and the rules and regulations of the building of which your kitchen is a part. Knowing all these factors cannot be done on your own. Hence, you should contact a professional hood installer who can assess your needs and provide a hood-type recommendation that fits the local codes.

The average cost of commercial kitchen exhaust hoods could range from a few thousand to tens of thousands. However, to know the exact amount, you should know several factors, such as the size of the hood, the complexity of installation, the material used, and so on.

On average, the hood should be able to move 100-200 CFM of air for every square foot of the cooking area. However, many factors could affect the effectiveness of the hood, such as the amount of food cooked, smoke and grease produced, etc.

The Type 1 hood is used in a kitchen where grease-laden vapours are produced. By code, these are required to have a fire suppression system installed. On the other hand, Type 2 hoods are used where steam and smoke are produced. Although they do not require a fire suppression system, they should be cleaned and maintained regularly.

As a general rule, the bottom of the hood should be placed no less than 6 feet above the floor or cooking surface. However, the exact height will depend on your kitchen layout and your cooking needs. So make sure you know these factors beforehand.

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