10 Jul, 2023
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Commercial Range Hood For Your Kitchen – The Importance Of Tempered Air

When it comes to a bustling commercial kitchen, having proper ventilation and air quality is of utmost importance. This is where commercial range hoods play an important role. Commercial kitchen vent hoods, also known as commercial hood ranges, are essential components that help remove smoke, odours, grease, and heat generated during cooking processes. Let’s explore the significance of commercial range hoods and the importance of tempered air in your kitchen.

If you are running a restaurant, a catering business, or even considering a commercial hood range for your home, you must first understand these ventilation systems’ benefits. These include:

Effective Smoke and Odor Removal:

Commercial range hoods are specifically designed to extract smoke, fumes, and strong odours from the kitchen environment. These have powerful exhaust fans and specialised filtration systems, which help them to capture and remove airborne particles efficiently. This helps to ensure a clean and breathable atmosphere. Thus, you can create a more pleasant working environment for chefs and staff while also providing a comfortable dining experience for customers by eliminating the smoke and odour.

Improved air quality:

Enhanced air quality is essential for the health and well-being of the individuals working in the kitchen. Various pollutants are released during the cooking process, such as carbon monoxide and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and you must know that inhaling these in high concentrations can be very harmful. This is where commercial kitchen vent hoods prove to be a great saviour as they play a crucial role in improving air quality by continuously exchanging and filtering the air.

Heat and grease removal:

Besides eliminating smoke and odours, commercial ventilation hoods are highly efficient in removing excess heat and grease from the kitchen. The high-powered commercial kitchen exhaust fans of these hoods effectively pull out the hot air produced by cooking appliances, which will ultimately help you to maintain a comfortable working temperature in the kitchen. Investing in commercial kitchen hoods contributes to the longevity and functionality of your kitchen equipment, as the excessive heat and grease could damage kitchen appliances over time.

Compliance with safety regulations:

Commercial kitchen and restaurant exhaust fan systems, including the installation of restaurant range hoods, are often required to meet safety regulations and local building codes. These regulations are specifically designed to protect the well-being of individuals, prevent fire hazards, and maintain a safe working environment. Thus, once you invest in a high-quality commercial range hood, you can stay assured, knowing that you comply with all these rules and regulations. This will ultimately also provide you with peace of mind and will help you to avoid any potential legal issues.

Fire prevention:

One of the main functionalities of commercial ventilation hoods is fire prevention. Grease buildup in your kitchen can be dangerous as it can be highly flammable. This also poses a significant fire risk. Thus, by opting for commercial range hoods, you can effectively capture and filter the grease particles, preventing them from accumulating in the exhaust system and minimising the chance of fire hazards. In addition, you must also clean and maintain the hoods and their components regularly, which will help you further to enhance the fire safety measures in the kitchen.


The commercial range hood is an indispensable component of any commercial kitchen. So whether you run a restaurant and need a restaurant range hood, have a catering business, or simply desire a commercial range hood for your home kitchen, you should invest in these kitchen ventilation systems to ensure a safer and more comfortable environment.

And when it comes to opting for the best commercial kitchen range hood, Wired Air is your one-stop destination! We will not just help you to keep your kitchen in top condition but will also help you to enhance the life of your kitchen equipment through our high-quality services. From effective smoke and odour removal to improved air quality and fire prevention, our commercial ventilation hoods will provide several benefits. So why wait? Avail of these benefits by calling us today at 0429 612 624!


The required LPS (Liters per second) for a commercial range hood completely depends on the size and type of cooking equipment used. However, it is generally recommended to have a minimum of 800 LPS of the cooking surface.

Expensive range hoods offer high quality, better performance, advanced features and quieter operations. All these factors make them worth considering for those prioritizing performance and durability.

The type of commercial kitchen vent hoods needed depends on the specific kitchen setup, cooking equipment, and cooking type. Therefore, it is important to consult a professional to determine the appropriate hood type, such as canopy hoods, wall-mounted hoods, or island hoods.

You should know that if the range hood is installed too low, it may not effectively capture smoke, odours, and grease, resulting in poor ventilation and reduced efficiency. In addition, it can also pose a safety risk, especially with gas stoves, as the proximity to the burners increases the chance of fire hazards.

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