Kitchen Exhaust Fan Cleaning
01 Nov, 2023
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How To Clean Kitchen Exhaust Fan?

Your kitchen is a culinary hub where culinary magic unfolds, and culinary masterpieces come to life. But it’s also a magnet for grease, odors, and airborne particles. Here, installing a reliable kitchen exhaust fan becomes crucial in keeping the kitchen air clean and the space comfortable. 

Similarly, to ensure its optimal performance, you must know how to clean the kitchen exhaust fan. Regular kitchen exhaust fan cleaning is an essential practice every homeowner and restaurant business should consider.

To discover the ins and outs of this crucial maintenance task that can enhance the health and enjoyment of your cooking experience, let’s delve into the details.

Why Is Kitchen Exhaust Fan Cleaning So Important?

Before we delve into knowing “how to clean kitchen exhaust fan?”, let’s understand “why you need the cleaning?” 

Kitchen exhaust fans are designed to eliminate cooking odors, smoke, and grease-laden air from your kitchen. Over time, it can become obstructed by grease and debris, which ultimately impact its efficiency. Even more concerning, this buildup can pose a fire hazard. Hence, it is imperative to engage in regular kitchen exhaust fan cleaning to ensure the air in your kitchen remains fresh and to extend the lifespan of your exhaust fan.

How To Clean A Kitchen Exhaust Fan - A Step-By-Step Guide

Now that you understand the importance of a kitchen exhaust fan, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of kitchen exhaust fan cleaning and learn how to clean a kitchen exhaust fan. Follow these steps for a sparkling-clean and efficiently functioning kitchen exhaust fan.

Step 1: Safety First

Safety is paramount in every task you undertake, and the kitchen exhaust fan cleaning is no exception. Before you delve into how to clean the exhaust fan in the kitchen, take these precautions:

Turn off the power

Before you start kitchen exhaust fan cleaning, ensure that the power to the exhaust fan is turned off to avoid accidents.

Protect yourself

Wear gloves, safety goggles, and a mask to shield yourself from dust and grease. Doing this will help you to know how to clean kitchen exhaust fan grease effectively.

If dealing with your fan issues becomes more challenging, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 0429 612 624. We will assist you in upgrading your kitchen with our professional kitchen exhaust fan cleaning services.

Step 2: Gather Your Kitchen Exhaust Fan Cleaning Supplies

Gather the necessary tools and materials for kitchen exhaust fan cleaning and learn how to clean the exhaust fan in the kitchen effectively:


You will need the screwdriver to carefully remove the exhaust fan cover for cleaning the kitchen exhaust fan conveniently. Also, remember to keep the track of the screws to prevent them from getting lost.


A bucket will be useful for preparing your kitchen exhaust fan cleaning solution and rinsing the fan cover.

Warm and soapy water

Prepare a mixture of warm, soapy water to soak and clean the fan cover. This will help you to clean the fan easily as it will loosen the grease and grime, and will also answer your question of how to clean kitchen exhaust fan grease effectively.


An effective degreaser is essential to break down stubborn grease deposits on the fan cover and blades.

Scrub brush

Select a scrub brush with firm bristles that will assist in removing built-up grime from the fan blades.

Microfibre cloths

These cloths are perfect for wiping down and drying the interior of the fan housing, which will help you ensure a spotless finish.

A vacuum cleaner with nozzle attachment

A vacuum cleaner with a nozzle attachment is like your best friend for removing loose dirt and debris from the inside of an exhaust fan. Thus, cleaning the kitchen exhaust fan will be a breeze.

Remember, every fan can have a different make and model, as there is a wide variety of types of exhaust fans. Therefore, you must first understand these types better.

Step 3: Remove The Fan Cover

Most kitchen exhaust fans feature a removable cover. Here’s how to clean the exhaust fan in a kitchen:

Use the screwdriver to remove the screws securing the fan cover in place carefully. Also, store the screws in a safe location, such as a small container, to prevent losing them.

Step 4: Clean The Fan Cover

Over time, the fan cover often accumulates a layer of grease and dirt. Here’s how to start cleaning the kitchen exhaust fan cover effectively to remove this layer:

Submerge the fan cover in warm, soapy water and allow it to soak for a few minutes. This soaking process helps loosen and soften the grime, making it easier to remove. After soaking, gently scrub the fan cover with your scrub brush to eliminate any grease and dirt. Further, rinse it thoroughly to remove all the soap and residue, and then allow it to dry completely before reattaching.

Step 5: Vacuum The Inside

Using a vacuum cleaner with a nozzle attachment, carefully vacuum the inside of the exhaust fan. This step is essential to remove loose dirt, debris, and dust that might be trapped inside. Besides, this will also make the exhaust fan kitchen cleaning easier.

Step 6: Degrease The Fan Blades

You must understand that your fan blades are usually the hotspot for accumulated grease. For effective exhaust fan kitchen cleaning, apply a degreaser to your scrub brush and carefully scrub the fan blades.

Step 7: Wipe Down The Interior

Use a microfiber cloth to meticulously clean the interior of the fan housing for effective exhaust fan kitchen cleaning. Pay special attention to all the nooks and crannies to leave no trace of dirt or grease behind.

Step 8: Reassemble

Once you have completed the kitchen exhaust fan cleaning process, and everything is clean and dry, reattach the fan cover using the screws you previously removed. Make sure that the cover is securely in place.

If you want to upgrade your kitchen with a new exhaust fan install, contact us today.

Step 9: Test The Fan

Now, it’s time to test your hard work. Turn on the power and ensure that your exhaust fan is working correctly. You should notice improved efficiency and ensure that it operates more quietly, making the air cleaner and fresher in your kitchen.

Kitchen Exhaust Fan Cleaning Services

This step-by-step guide will guide you effectively in cleaning your kitchen exhaust fan, ensuring your cooking space remains fresh and free from potential fire hazards. If cleaning your exhaust fan seems like a challenging task or if your exhaust fan requires a more thorough and professional cleaning, you might want to consider our kitchen exhaust fan cleaning services. 

Engaging with Wired Air means you can rest assured that your fans will operate efficiently, reducing the need for frequent repairs.

For professional assistance and to ensure a healthier kitchen environment, give us a call at 0429 612 624 today.

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