29 Nov, 2022
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Which Is Better For Your Home: Whole House Fan Or Attic Fan?

Improving the air circulation in your house can ensure that every environment in your home is pleasant, while also helping you cut your energy expenses. If you’re thinking of installing a whole-house fan or an attic fan to get more out of your existing HVAC system, determining which choice best meets your needs is critical. Outlined below are suggestions that will guide you on learning more about warehouse ventilation fans.

What to Think About Before Buying a Whole House Fan or Attic Fan?

Choosing between a whole-house fan and an attic fan can be influenced by various factors, including:
  • Your house’s size
  • Seasonal weather changes
  • Goals for energy efficiency
  • Humidity levels in the house
Whole-house fans can be used in conjunction with your existing air conditioning system or on their own when temperatures are not too high.

The benefits of buying a whole house fan

Improved air circulation – Whole-house fans increase airflow by actively pulling in the fresh air and expelling stale air. Whole house fans, while not as visible as box fans, generate a gentle cooling air. Depending on the size of your property, these devices may replenish the air in your home up to six times every hour.

Electricity efficiency – Whole house fans consume up to 33% less energy than standard air conditioners. The energy savings are minimal when compared to an attic fan, but because whole-house fans are manually switched on, they may consume somewhat more power if you aren’t diligent about turning the fan off when it isn’t needed.

Attic fans are ceiling fans that are meant to remove hot air that rises into your attic. The heated air is subsequently evacuated to the outdoors via the attic eaves

Advantages of buying an attic fan

Most economical – Considering that they do not require extra ventilation, attic fans are the more cost-effective solution. In most cases, this makes an attic fan more affordable than a whole-house fan.

Curb appeal – Attic fans are less visible from the outside of your home, making them more desirable to homeowners with a strong eye for home aesthetics. In many circumstances, the attic fan vent will be installed near to or behind the existing vent, making it difficult to see.

Automatic – Attic fans may be programmed in the same way that your HVAC system’s thermostat is. A temperature sensor in the attic regulates the unit’s operation, ensuring that it only operates when needed. Attic fans are easier to use than manual whole-house fans, which must be switched on and off manually.

Humidity – Attic fans may reduce humidity levels in your attic, reducing the danger of mould or mildew growth.

Compare the purpose of a whole house fan to an attic fan.. A whole-house fan is a superior option for cooling your home, whilst an attic fan is ideal for ventilating heated air accumulated in the attic and lowering humidity levels. Then, analyse the benefits and drawbacks depending on this goal and your house cooling requirements. From there, you may examine which option will be the most cost-effective and energy-efficient.

However, you may not have to struggle between choosing one, as attic fans and whole-house fans can operate together to enhance circulation, decrease attic humidity levels, and deliver significant energy savings by lowering AC unit run time. In any case, always consult with an HVAC specialist to decide the best type of fan for your home. It is also helpful to keep your budget in mind when you are going to select a fan. This would help you compare the prices easily.

At Wired Air, we not only offer installation of these services but offer exhaust fan repair services, despite what your setting may be. Whether it’s for your home or restaurant, our state-of-the-art kitchen ventilation and exhaust systems will ensure that your space is well ventilated and that no one’s help is compromised. To learn more, visit our website or call us at 0429 612 624 for out of hours emergency services.

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